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Best Hair Product Specialist

Tasha's love for beauty and entrepreneurship started at an early age. By 13, she was a hand-on assistant for a local beauty salon. By 17, she was a licensed cosmetologist - studying while also attending high school. Young and ambitious, after working at three salons side-by-side with the owners, at 19, Tasha decided it was time to become her own boss. 

Opening her own 3000 square foot full service salon with five full-time employees was no easy feat, "I worked hard - we all did - but it was the most exciting accomplishment I could imagine. Serving our clients, selecting quality products - it never felt like work - it felt fun and exciting and energizing."
Most recently in 2019, Tasha developed her own healthy hair product, Be Naturale, an herbal apple cider vinegar rinse. Now a small batch product, Tasha looks forward to bringing this amazing all natural rinse Sweet Peach Tree marketplace soon.


Today, Tasha brings years of experience and a passion for quality, natural and effective products to Sweet Peach Tree. 


Best Skin Care Prodcuts Specialist

Kate fell into the beauty industry by working for BRIDES Magazine. As the assistant to the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Kate was not only exposed to the beauty and fashion industries, but to the behind-the-scenes management of producing a multi-million dollar publication. "I am so grateful to my time at BRIDES. I worked directly with industry leaders, amazingly talented experts in the field, and for an incredibly smart leader who took the time to model and teach me the ins and outs behind the profession.


From fashion shoot logistics, managing inventory of the 'beauty closet' (a room filled with any and all beauty products imaginable), prepping for budget and team meetings, and even appearing on morning talk show, Kate's time at the magazine laid the foundation for co-founding Sweet Peach Tree.


Today, Inspired by her daughter and fueled by a quest to celebrate the Black beauty industry makers that create products she uses on her own family, Sweet Peach Tree is the perfect combination of passion and skill - combining a love of quality products with an understanding and appreciation for the work behind-the-scenes. 

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